Making Sense of Trump

Donald Trump, primarily, is a reality show star.  He knows this world and he knows the strategies of this world.  But what is being a reality show star about?  Well, one of the best strategies in reality shows is to be outrageous and villainous.  That is, you should do things that keep people talking about you and make yourself the most recognizable person in the show.  Say outrageous things.  You’ll get people saying “Can you believe what Johnny said on Survivor yesterday?”  You need to create a persona.  Preferably you will create an outrageous one that gets people talking.  You will also make your persona able to be boiled down into a few words.

Trump, for example, is playing the outrageous brash business tycoon.  He’s the classic confident reality star who “isn’t here to make friends; he’s here to win.”  He stays in your brain by saying those things that will trigger the offense circuit in your brain and make you clutch your pearls and say “well, I never!”

This keeps him in your mind.  Everyone who is continuously offended by Trump (especially those in the news media) is playing right into his hands.  Trump’s message is carefully constructed to get you to feel a certain way.  He is then able to predict your moves and what you will think, because he made you feel in that particular way.

Think of the masterful way that Trump has recently taken the headlines again.  Wikileaks releases records of the DNC’s emails showing the contempt the democratic establishment had for Bernie supporters, and for a day or so the news is about the leak and is about the DNC.  But with a single speech Donald Trump has made the headlines about him.  He says that if Russia was the group that hacked Hillary’s emails, then he hopes they’d find those missing emails and release them.  All of a sudden the media is on a fainting couch saying “Can you believe that Trump just called for Russian espionage?!”  And all of a sudden, Trump wrenches the headlines back to talking about him.  He also anticipated that his comments would be misconstrued, giving him more ammunition with his followers to play the “misunderstood” card.

He’s a genius and the media are playing straight into his hands.  The down side of all of this is that we don’t ever know what Trump’s actual views are.

Honestly, I think that Trump will be a deeply mediocre president if elected (but terrible in the sense that a libertarian thinks all presidents are terrible).  He only plays a supervillain on tv to trick you into still thinking about him.  Hillary isn’t any better.  Vote Gary Johnson I guess.


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