Welcome to my Blog!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jonathan Sonantis.  I am the quasi-Kierkegaardian pseudonym  for a person who wrote a short chapter in Evangelical Exodus.  You should check it out.  If you like (or if you hate) Catholic conversion stories, you should check out the book.

This blog is for me, Jonathan Sonantis, to muse about all sorts of topics, from philosophy, to pop culture, to broader cultural issues, to Catholicism, to anything my little heart desires. For example, in the coming days I will be talking about the Catholic liturgy, Batman V Superman and western social norms regarding touch.  Stay tuned if you would like to have some interesting discussions on a potpourri of topics.

I will update this blog with new content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I look forward to chatting with you.

Peace Be With You


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